The 10 Worst College Majors in 2018


The problem with a lot of college degrees today is that they’re next to useless as a lot of recent graduates have trouble finding work in their perspective field. We’ll count down 10 of the worst majors you can get today and why they’re awful. We look at the average annual salary of a new graduate and your chances of being employed to determine which majors aren’t worth pursuing today.

#1 – Archaeology Major

Learning about what came before humans and studying the remains of an ancient civilization is a fascinating field, to say the least. The problem is, employers don’t find them that fascinating and today, they’re rarely used. Thanks to the advancement of technology, archaeology experts aren’t even needed to help identify old findings anymore.

It’s fallen so bad that the average salary expected as a new archaeology graduate is under $30,000. The unemployment rate is also over 10%, leaving a lot of archaeology majors to find completely unrelated jobs and being stuck with a hefty college bill. While the exploration for dinosaurs and ancient dig sites may sound exciting, just remember that you’ll more than likely struggle to find work and even if you do, it won’t be the best paying work.