Some Crazy Things You Probably Didn’t Know About U.S. Presidents

The White House is a mysterious place, inside and out. We see presidents during interviews and speeches but we don’t see them in their private lives day in and day out. Some of the presidents we’ve elected throughout history have been either weird or downright insane. Here’s 10 presidents with some secretly kept facts you may have never heard of.

#1. Franklin D. Roosevelt


Roosevelt was a weird president and some people hate him while some praise him. Roosevelt had a tough time as president, when America was suffering through the Great Depression. He did however expand on a lot of government programs despite the depression and World War II.

  • When he married Eleanor Roosevelt, no name change was needed because Eleanor was his cousin. It had to be awkward being walked down the aisle by both Eleanor’s uncle and his cousin.
  • For reasons unexplained, Roosevelt was terrified of the number 13. If he had to leave on a trip, he would refuse to go if his departure date was the 13th and if the number of attendees at a dinner was 13, he would refuse to attend.
  • He had a very unusual obsession with his dog named Fala and sent an entire naval warship to an island he had left his dog behind at, all at the tax payers expense.
  • He was deathly ill with what doctors thought was polio at the time. If people were caught taking pictures of Roosevelt in his chair, he ordered the Secret Service to dispose of the film so no one in the public could see it.