Most ridiculous, stupid and trippy t-shirts money can buy

So, you want attention in the club? Or in your school? No problem we got you covered. Or maybe you just want to buy a stupid present for your friend? Or maybe for your a-hole boss? Gotcha! Here is a collection of stupid, ridiculous, trippy and funny shirts.

For all cat lovers
10 Kittens T-Shirt


Big Green Eyed Cat Face T-Shirt


For all dog lovers!

Big Pug Face T-Shirt

..or famous christmas wolf lovers.

Holiday Wolf T-Shirt


Abolish sleevery Abe

Reagan & Bush 84

He smells them!

Where is your god now?

Who doesn’t love kittens and pizza?

Rainbow “powered” unicorn


Lego T.shirt. Why? Why not!

Classy Anteater

Funky space lama(?)

Womens hands over chest

Womens Hands Over Chest T-Shirt


We all have that friend who lifts

and that friend, who rather enjoy beers under the sun.

Pretty trippy cool

One true God. Nicolas creepy Page

Steve Buschemi full face tshirt

Mr. T Ice-T With Ice Cube(s)


Blast off Unicorn