Top 10 Most Expensive and Exclusive Celebrity Weddings

Let’s take a look at 10 of the most expensive, extravagant, and exclusive weddings that have ever been put on.

#10 – Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston – $1 million


All right, so it didn’t work out—but in the year 2000 when this wedding happened, it was on every tabloid and TV station around the world. July 29th was the day in Malibu that the couple decided to celebrate their undying love (or so they thought), and not a single expense was spared. Over 200 guests were invited, quite a high number for an exclusive Hollywood wedding such as this one. The guests were able to enjoy a wide variety of food and entertainment, and after enjoying a 6-tier wedding cake, the night was capped off by fireworks. The cost? Approximately $1 million USD.