Celebrities With Serious Anger Issues

When you’re a celebrity, the camera is always in your face, whether you’re shooting a movie or just trying to live your life. Celebrities are people just like everyone else. They have problems just like everyone else as well. Sometimes, the pressure of always being in the spotlight can get to people, so they turn to drugs to make it all go away. This can lead to severe anger management issues. Here’s 15 celebrities who lost their marbles in the public eye or had a severe problem with substance abuse.

#1 Alec Baldwin


While Alec Baldwin has done a lot of comedic work, he hasn’t been too friendly in the spotlight in the last couple of years.

While he seems calm and well-mannered, he really seems to hate the paparazzi.

When the New York Daily News tried photographing Baldwin one day, he assaulted both of them. He also grabbed a female reporter from the New York Post telling her that he hoped she’d die.

It’s also reported that he also verbally abuses members of his family, including his daughter who was 11 years old at the time, telling her that she was a thoughtless little pig.

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