Incredible Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations

Being in the spotlight 24/7 and surrounded by the paparazzi constantly following you comes with a level of stress that most of us will never understand. When celebrities go through hardship, some of them gain weight because of stress or lifestyle choices. However, some celebrities manage to work it off. We’ll count down 15 big celebrities that went from overweight to fit.

#1 – Mariah Carey



America’s beloved sweetheart is one of the most famous singers of our time.

She was always known for her unique angel like voice and appearance but after she split up with Nick Cannon, she went through a rough period. She packed on quite a few pounds and the tabloids definitely took note of it.

She was the center of a lot of fat shaming and in the past couple of years, she got tired of it.

Through a lot of hard work, Mariah Carey looks really good today and is back in shape, which is incredible for her age.

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