Incredible Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations


Being in the spotlight 24/7 and surrounded by the paparazzi constantly following you comes with a level of stress that most of us will never understand. When celebrities go through hardship, some of them gain weight because of stress or lifestyle choices. However, some celebrities manage to work it off. We’ll count down 15 big celebrities that went from overweight to fit.

#1 – Jonah Hill


Jonah Hill has never been a serious actor but he’s also a pretty big deal in Hollywood.

Starting his fame off with some cheesy comedy movies, he’s gone on to play some pretty big roles like 21 Jump Street.

One thing that’s always been notable about Jonah Hill is that his hefty appearance has always gotten him roles, because he’s the lovable pudgy funny guy.

However, for the last couple of years, Jonah has actually gotten pretty fit. This is in part due to a strict diet and working out.

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