20 Celebrities Who Got Overweight

Being a celebrity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes, you become depressed or the life of stardom gets to you. This is when celebrities go on an eating binge or become depressed and hide from the public. It’s not uncommon and sometimes we’ll see celebrities re-emerge several years later and have gained a noticeable amount of weight.
We count down 20 celebrities who made some of the biggest and most shocking changes in their weight.

#1 – Kelly Clarkson


When she was on American Idol, America fell in love. She was a sweet hometown girl who just wanted to win the competition and sing for an audience. In only a few short years after winning the first ever American Idol, Kelly had gained a considerable amount of weight.
It’s rumored that she attempted plastic surgery to help advance weight loss procedures but they were unsuccessful and gave her awkward looking fat pouches in weird places.


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