15 Weird Donald Trump Things You Didn’t Know About


Donald Trump is a controversial topic for a lot of reasons. From the spontaneous Twitter rants against celebrities, to bizarre interview question answers to some of his own personal business dealings, there’s a lot of reason to be skeptical of a Trump presidency.

He’s also infamously known for firing off at women on Twitter including award winning actor Meryl Streep over her acceptance speech, which condemned him for mocking a disabled reporter. That’s bad, but that’s definitely not the worst of the things he’s said or done. We’ll count down 15 of the weird things Trump has ever said or done.

#1 – Trump claimed his own daughter was a hot piece of a** and he’s got a weird relationship with her



Trump infamously isn’t very nice towards females nor does he respect them. In a 2013 interview with Wendy Williams, he said that the most common thing him and Ivanka have in common is sex.

He also said on the Howard Stern show that it was okay to call his daughter a hot piece of ass and that she had a pretty hot body.

How did Ivanka respond to this? She claimed it was okay for her father to objectify her.