Top 10 Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know About Facebook

It’s crazy to think that what started out as a bored college student’s ambition to build a social website turned into something that 1/7th of the planet logs into every day. However, Facebook and Zuckerberg both have some secrets hidden that you didn’t know about. Some are harmless and interesting and others are downright scary.

The power that Facebook has over its users is quite impressive and there have even been rumored conversations of Facebook employees trying to influence who you vote for in the elections. 6 years ago, in 2010, The Social Network put the social media giant in the spotlight at a time where it had 500 million users. Now, a billion people log in a day with handheld devices alone.

#10 Mark Zuckerberg Used To Spy on Users Personally

When Mark was a bit younger and a little more immature, he used to actually use the site to spy on people. He would access their private messages and he even went as far to call people who trusted him with their personal information “dumb fucks”. We’d like to think he’s matured a bit since that time but you never know and you never know who you can trust. Today, Facebook is one of the most data leeching websites out there and they know literally everything about you. Your income, holiday habits, coupon usage, if you commute, if you have good/bad credit, your property information and more.