Top 10 Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go

It seems like the year 2000 again. Pokémon is back and this time, it’s back in major numbers as the new application Pokémon Go has even surpassed Twitter and has been reported to see more engagement than even Facebook. So, what’s all the craze about? It’s free #1 and there’s this demanding need to catch them all and evolve them. The catch though, is that while most of the time you’ll find Pidgeys, Rattatas and other common Pokémon, there’s a lot of rare Pokémon out there to catch. Here are 10 of the rarest catches in the game and where users have been reporting they found them.

#10 – Snorlax


If you’re lucky enough to get a 10km egg, you might just walk 10km to find yourself a hatching Snorlax. The good news is that no matter where he is found, you’ll always find him sleeping. He doesn’t have any kind of particular area that he’s found more than others as people have found him everywhere. So, there’s not much you can really do to increase your chances of finding one when it comes to area hunting, as you’re just going to have to be incredibly lucky. You might have better luck hoping for 10km eggs from Pokestops. Snorlax is number 143 in the Pokedex.