10 Jobs That Will Go Extinct

While the world progresses, so do the demand for different career fields. As technology and AI (artificial intelligence) improves, the need for some career fields greatly diminishes. If you’re in college or graduating from college soon, you’ll need to focus on futuristic employment opportunities and not take dying career paths. 10 years ago, no one thought we would be using the internet for everything and that the call functionality would be the least used feature on a phone but here we are. The robots aren’t fully taking over (yet…) but here’s 10 current jobs that are in danger of being replaced in the next 10 years.

#1 Clerk/Cashier


Sometimes it feels good to receive a friendly smile when you’re shopping at your local market or ordering something from a fast food restaurant. However, this job is rapidly being replaced by automated systems that allow you to order and pay for your goods without any human presence required.

Some fast food chains panicked when the revolution for $15 an hour started and started rolling out self-service booths for people to order from. While they’re not in any immediate danger of dying out, cashier jobs might be completely gone in the next decade.